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Mayday tree flower tonic - hidrolat*


Used for oily skin and enlarged pores. Stabilizes blood vessel walls. A good remedy against mosquitoes, flies, dishes and rooms during the flu. Can be diluted with water to a ratio of 1:10 - 1:20. Even adding a teaspoon per liter of water disinfects the water.

Ieva's hydrolate is used as a compress for non-healing wounds. Helps reduce dandruff, neurodermatitis. Heals the atmosphere in the room.


Mayday tree flower extract (Prunus padus, Bird Cherry Tree) has been shown in recent studies to have strong antioxidant activity and contains several active phenolic compounds (such as quercetin).


For all skin types. 


100 ml


*Hydrolates are valuable plant distillation products that can be used undiluted for skin and hair care, skin cleaning and moisturizing, compresses and refreshments, as well as added to homemade cosmetics - creams, masks, gels, etc. Compared to essential oils, which require quite a bit of caution, floral waters are gentler and safer, with a perfect pH level that is especially suitable for use on the skin. They are also widely used in aromatherapy. Hydrolats contain water-soluble valuable plant components that perfectly interact with the cells of the human body.

Mayday tree flower tonic - hidrolat

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